Welcome investors, house builders and industrial hall builders! In today’s article, we will tell you about an innovative building product – sandwich panels. Find out why they are the ideal solution for your building projects.

What are sandwich panels and why are they so popular in the construction industry?

Sandwich wall panels are multifunctional, consisting of several layers. They are characterised by high thermal and acoustic insulation. As a result, they provide excellent protection against heat loss and ambient noise. Sandwich panels are most often used as external walls of buildings, but can also be used internally as partition walls.

The sandwich wall panel is unique because of its construction. Their core is made of durable, insulating polyurethane foam, which provides excellent thermal performance. The outer layers are made of durable sheet metal, which provides protection from the weather and increases the strength of the structure.

What are the benefits of using sandwich panels in construction?

In the vast majority of cases, sandwich panels are used as external wall or roof elements. Here are some of the key benefits associated with their use:

High thermal insulation – sandwich panels provide excellent thermal performance, which saves energy and reduces heating costs.

Good sound insulation – thanks to the polyurethane foam core, the sandwich panels effectively reduce noise from outside.

Durability and strength – the use of heavy-duty sheet metal and robust construction ensures a long life for the sandwich panels.

Quick and easy installation – sandwich panels are easy to install, reducing construction time.

Aesthetic appearance – sandwich panels are available in a variety of colours and patterns to create an attractive building façade.


What are the applications of sandwich panels?

Sandwich panels are used in many types of buildings, whether for detached houses, industrial halls or public buildings. Here are some examples:

Residential buildings – sandwich panels can be used for external walls and roofs in the case of detached houses.

Industrial halls – sandwich panels are ideal as external walls and roofs for warehouses or production halls.

Public buildings – sandwich panels are used in the construction of buildings such as cold stores, freezers and sports halls.


How do you choose the right sandwich panels?

There are several important aspects to consider before making a decision. Here are some of the issues to look out for when choosing sandwich panels:

Technical parameters – check the thermal and acoustic insulation of the panels, the density of the core and other parameters that are important for your building project.

Durability – make sure the sandwich panels have adequate load and weather resistance.

Installation – pay attention to the ease and speed of panel installation to minimise construction time.

Aesthetics – choose a tile that matches your expectations in terms of colour and pattern.

Frequently asked questions about sandwich panels

  • What thickness should the panels be for external walls? The thickness of the sandwich panels used for external walls depends on the thermal and acoustic insulation requirements and the type of building. The most commonly used thicknesses are 30mm-100mm.
  • What types of sandwich panels are available? The sandwich panel range includes wall panels and roof panels. Both types are characterised by high quality and excellent insulation performance.
  • What are the technical parameters of sandwich panels? Sandwich panels have high thermal insulation (similar to mineral wool core panels), weather resistance and good sound insulation. Detailed technical specifications can be found in product catalogues.
  • Are sandwich panels durable and weatherproof? Yes, sandwich panels are made from strong sheet metal and durable polyurethane foam, giving them high durability and weather resistance.


Sandwich panels are a modern and functional solution for those building houses and industrial halls. Their advantages, such as high thermal and acoustic insulation, durability, easy installation and aesthetic appearance, make them increasingly popular in the construction industry. Thanks to the diverse range of sandwich panel types available, they can be tailored to meet the individual needs of any project. Decide on sandwich panels and enjoy the comfort and safety of your building for many years!

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